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there are two

types of people on this planet. The majority, who, whether happy or not, accept the life they've been given, and a select minority, whose inquisitive minds question all that so many take for granted.

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  • Felt that there's so much more you could be doing with your life
  • Thought that there's something wrong with 'reality'
  • Been fed up with working a job simply for financial reward
  • Wanted to change the world
  • Desired to make a difference to your own and other people's lives

If so, then you have found a home. Through the teachings on this website, and related media, you will discover that you're not crazy, neither do you need to change or alter yourself to fit in with how the world wants you to be. In fact, the world is going to have to change to match your desires. We create our own destinies and it's time we awakened to this knowledge.

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All About Us

Joe Barnes


Founder of the Screw the System movement, Joe is passionate about people living lives with meaning. Communicating his message through his writing, speaking, mentoring and coaching, he aims to show that with a simple change in belief and perspective, we can all have a purpose and reason for living. He's been walking this path for over 10 years and is always excited about meeting people who are thinking of, or have already begun, breaking free from the system's limitations.

@screwthesystem1 / Facebook / Email

Hobbies: Kickin' ass on the tennis court. Joe is currently ranked 477th in the UK.

Tom Butler Bowden


Bestselling author of the 50 Classics Series and Never too Late to be Great, Tom is a fountain of knowledge on all things life transforming. He uses his pearls of wisdom to help shape the direction, enhance content and generate ideas for the movement. Having personally read through 300 books on the subject, ranging from Aristotle to Zig Ziglar, there's little he doesn't know when it comes to living a life with meaning.

@tombutlerbowdon / Facebook / Email

Hobbies: Meditation. Tom is a member of Diamond Way meditational group and uses this time to sharpen his spiritual powers.


Every team needs one and Andy's work ensures delivery of "The Message" in the most professional manner possible. Coding, website functionality and experience are his specialities and Andy's attention to detail makes sure your journey into screwing the system is smooth and glitch free. Like many people who screw the system, Andy is self-taught and with over 10 years' experience you can be sure the technical standards of the website and movement will remain impeccably high.

Hobbies: When Andy's not writing code, he puts his skilful fingers to use as a keen guitar player.

Joe's Story

Joe wasn't born the leader of the Screw the System movement. Behind every person who dreams of making a difference or challenging the status quo there lies a story that explains how they got to where they are. Joe is no exception and his tale starts as a directionless undergraduate in the year 2000.

University is often described as the best years of your life but for Joe, this couldn't have been further from the truth. Disinterested in his course, disengaged from the drinking, partying and drug taking culture and beset by a string of psychosomatic conditions including insomnia, chronic shoulder pain and IBS, you would have struggled to find a person who was more LOST. Ever since his teenage years, his life played out as a battle between conforming to peer pressure and maintaining his own essence and individuality. It was a battle he was losing. The weight of standing alone had led him into isolation, locked into a world where he struggled with his own self-doubts.

This all changed, though, when he stumbled upon a revelation that would forever alter his outlook. Although he'd been fighting it for years, Joe had ultimately accepted that he would have to adapt to the system to find his place in the world. There simply seemed to be no other option - he would have to get a job he wasn't interested in to make money to survive. However, after reading a book that completely changed his way of thinking, he became captivated by the idea that the relationship between an individual and their environment could be reversed. What if it wasn't about adapting to how the system wanted you to be? What if you could actually bend the system to your wishes?

It was a tantalising prospect, and since that day, Joe has lived his life in pursuit of this ideal. Tough decisions were made but he found happiness and a sense of purpose as a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and tennis coach. These 'jobs' paid the bills as he strived to bring his own unique philosophy to the world. Ten years later, with a book completed and a movement formed, he's ready to use the lessons he has learned to help YOU forge a life free from the system.

It's no accident that you find yourself here at this moment in time.

The decision you are about to make will have a life changing impact.

Do you take the blue pill, forget you ever came to this site and plug back into the reality you've always known,

Do you take the red pill, leap into a new future and let the adventure begin.