Give Your Dreams A Chance

Give Your Dreams a Chance

I was talking to one of my tennis students today about her interest in drama and singing. I suggested she might want to pursue it professionally when she left school or universi

Why Advertising might be a Waste of your Money and What to do Instead

advertising waste of money

Take a look at the picture on your left. It's the latest, in a 15-year journey, of attempts I've made to advertise one of my businesses. 

Fortunately, this one was for free. As a member of a Fitness4less gym, if you agree to offer other members a discount on your services, you can advertise your business on the notice board without any charge. 

In case the advert isn't clear, this is my hypnotherapy business. I also have a tennis coaching business and a book selling/speaking/coaching business.

How 'Making a Decision' Could be the Key to Success in your Business and Life

making a decision

I love finding nuggets of wisdom in unexpected places. Of course, I read a lot of personal development, therapy

Why you Should Never Fly on a Plane if you Believe in The Law of Attraction

Plane Law of Attraction

I recently returned from a holiday in Mexico. On the flight back I was contemplating The Law of Attraction and

What WWF Wrestling can Teach you about being Successful

What WWF Can Teach you About Being Successful

I used to be a big WWF fan. Back in 1991, my favourites were The Ultimate Warrior and Bret 'The Hitman' Hart.

How to Rediscover your Creativity

Can you remember the creativity you possessed during your early childhood?