What I Learned from being Fired 3 Times in 5 Months

you're fired

Almost twenty years ago to the day, I got fired from a filing job at a major UK residential property developer.

I lasted four hours!

The manager called the temporary agency I was working for at the time and complained about my lackadaisical work ethic and lack of filing experience. 

I couldn't believe it. Who needs experience for a filing job? However, as I took my leave from the office and began the premature journey home to my parents' house, it all began to make sense.

How Strong is your Will to Survive?

Joe Barnes

Give Your Dreams A Chance

Give Your Dreams a Chance

I was talking to one of my tennis students today about her interest in drama and singing. I suggested she might want to pursue it professionally when she left school or universi

What to do if You're Thinking About Giving Up on Your Dream

Giving Up on your Dream

3 Times I've had my Heart Broken and What I've Learned From It

Lessons learned from Heartbreak

I want to share something personal with you. I want to talk about an experience that's gut wrenching, motivation sapping and, in the extreme, makes you want to give up on life.

I am, of course, talking about those occasions when your heart gets broken.

Today, I'm going to tell you about 3 times this happened to me and what I learned from the experience. However, only one of these heart breaks was caused by a failed romance.